Pro-family groups in Venezuela and their resistance to the woke ideology and Neo-Chavismo

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Since the beginning of this year and while everything is getting back to normal, the narrative of “Venezuela is getting better” has been settling more and more in the subconscious of the people, both those who emigrated and those who stayed, with Maduro’s opening of certain areas of the economy, such as the sale of shares of 10% of the companies expropriated by Chávez, the fact that Biden has already relaxed some personal sanctions that kept certain characters of Maduro’s tyranny excluded from doing any business in the United States, every day progress is made to give a breath of fresh air to the 21st Century Socialism.

But I am not here to write precisely about the political environment in Venezuela, in the Infobae article on the sale of shares they state: “The Venezuelan government of Nicolás Maduro, in an apparent disengagement with the so-called 21st century socialism, began to hand over the helm of state-owned companies to some private individuals”, nothing could be further from reality, Maduro is not abandoning the 21st century socialism he is letting it evolve to a 2nd phase, a more progressive phase moving away just a little from the class struggle to introduce the Woke ideology in Venezuela which is part of the globalist religion. I have called this new phase neo-chavismo, but it is not only the groups adept to the tyranny that are participating in this juncture, but also what the world knows as the Venezuelan “opposition”. Just look at the day against homophobia on May 17 in one of the municipalities of eastern Caracas, specifically Chacao, a municipality run by a supposed opposition party (Fuerza Vecinal).

The ingredient

The main ingredient for the new agendas of the oppressed and victims to be established is a certain economic stability. One of the important variables in postmodern society is consumerism (I will explain in another article its relation), and without a stable technological platform future generations will not be indoctrinated. There are already established LGTB movements in Venezuela for a long time and with power, let’s not forget that the election of the first trans woman in Latin America was in Venezuela, and not precisely by the tyranny, is Tamara Adrian who was a deputy to the National Assembly in 2015 by Voluntad Popular. For Maduro to be able to enter the global progressive agenda he has to do it on the other direction because of his discredit before the rainbow community, we already know his connections with the Black Live Matters Movement in the United States for many years so we can assume that his agenda would lean more to black radical feminism and racial; Político had already been in charge of listing some of Maduro’s approaches to Woke ideology. So we can be sure that in the next struggles in Venezuela the political groups will reorganise and become more culturally focused and as always but more defined and in sight, Chavismo and “opposition” will unite and form a mix called Neo-Chavismo.

The movement

Through my private messaging networks especially my telegram, people from my community always let me know all the events in the cultural area that happen in the world, in a small think tank to which I belong in the same network, they post a tweet where expressly says “They tell me that in the student elections of the School of History of the UCV, a “conservative” plancha called “Alliance for the family” was registered, composed of perezjimenistas, who call themselves anti-abortion and anti-lgbtiq +. “I review the profile of the movement by its acronym ALFA led by Luis Guanche and 25 other members, I immediately respond in defense of them “The new Venezuelan has to do the fight in the university just as Luis does not support the Woke ideology in Venezuela”. This group is literally new and has received attacks from the university political caste mostly managed by the university factions of Accion Democratica and the PSUV.

When replying to the tweet “Thank you very much brother! A joy to know that one of my referents on Instagram (I always share your videos with my friends) is supporting our ALFA team in this battle against the puerile and progressive left in Venezuela”, I immediately contacted them through Twitter’s internal messaging system and we were able to plan a Livestream on Instagram. The resistance, the evolution, the changes and the breaking of structures starts in the Universities, that has always been the formula of the left for more than 100 years to get into the DNA of society.

But not only at the university level there is resistance in Venezuela, some civil society organisations are also promoting and promoting the ideals of the new right, such is the case of Por La Familia Venezolana that are mobilising around the defence of life and define themselves as: An initiative of love in defence of life (from conception to natural death) and marriage and the family in its original design. They are made up of fathers, mothers, representatives and diverse organizations. Their activism transcends in making a retaining wall against the pretensions of public policies to change our way of seeing our culture. Policies that may possibly be imposed and are not of consensus, remembering that I once wrote about this topic and the law of dignified death promoted by the National Assembly led by Neo-Chavismo.

After years of political struggles inside and outside the country I realized that the political caste is interested in keeping us busy in sterile debates of the nineteenth century, encouraging polarization in sectors that have much more in common than you might think. Venezuela is united by its flag, our culture, Christian values, Catholics and Hispanic values is what has kept our society cohesive despite the social and economic problems we have experienced, let’s not allow imported ideologies to break and break with all that.

God, country and family

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