Death seeks legalization in Venezuela

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To start a debate in Venezuela on euthanasia, especially at this time when the worst of the political crisis is raging on the country’s legal and political horizon, is a total waste of time, not only because Venezuela is a failed state but also because unfortunately there is no serious opposition (I am not talking about politics) to such transcendental issues as euthanasia and abortion.

Many thought that progressivism would not come to Venezuela so soon because we were dealing with economic problems with socialism eating away at Venezuelan society for more than 60 years, were wrong.

Tarek William Saab, the Attorney General of the tyranny, introduced last February 25, 2021, before the socialist National Assembly a using a postmodern and confusing language in order to achieve the acceptance of the majority of Venezuelans.

The bill called it: “Law to voluntarily opt for a dignified death in the case of persons presenting terminal illnesses or extreme permanent pain”, a bill that found opposition within the Catholic Church mainly through the figure of Monsignor Victor Hugo Basabe who, in a very coherent tweet, makes reference to the shortcomings of all Venezuelans in terms of access to a dignified health system.

This is a discussion that should not even be considered in a country where human rights are systematically violated just for thinking differently from the ruling party, according to the latest update of Michelle Bachelet’s report. Now imagine legalizing death from the State. Taking into account that there are no guarantees not even to fulfill basic rights such as freedom and property, I do not even want to think about how this invention will be fulfilled, which is fully aligned with the globalist agendas of “new rights” with whose platform this bill was proposed in Venezuela to incorporate new “human rights” referring to abortion, euthanasia, gender ideology and any other postmodernist ideology in trend.

This demonstrates that the 2015 Venezuelan National Assembly only served to consolidate Maduro in power. They were not even effective for the only purpose for which they were elected and now there is a media circus in Mexico, while from the “new” National Assembly that has no legitimacy of origin and the same Organization of American States (OAS) described as illegitimate works tirelessly to meet the objectives imposed from the supranational organizations.

I have been warning about the cultural battle that was coming to Venezuela for more than a year. Although many skeptics doubted it because progressivism is only seen in first-world countries such as Canada and Spain, well, no: we already have it right under our noses and that, linked with socialism will result in the perfect cocktail for greater chaos.

And perhaps you are wondering what does the Venezuelan Medical Association thinks?

Well -like the whole country- and although euthanasia is not criminalized in Venezuela, doctors have lukewarm positions on the matter, that is to say, there is no opposition.

There is only a small opposition in the Catholic Church and it is not as a whole, just a few voices.

This type of law, in short, in the hands of a State that believes itself to be a plenipotentiary (and in fact, it is a plenipotentiary) would result in the legalization of genocide, since its conception would be very general.

In the country where I live, England, there are controversial decisions in that context almost every day.

Just to mention one, there is the case of Alfie Evans which I will soon offer more details from my podcast platform, but for politicians, it is easier to align themselves with death. And since the UN plan is population reduction, Maduro and company – as good butchers – are happy to comply with the plan.

Esteban Figueroa

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