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To be fair the title of this article is not of my authorship it belongs to the American presenter Tucker Carlson but it seemed appropriate to describe what is the hypocrisy of the progressives before the policies with which they advance to “combat” the COVID-19 or the bat soup.

The long-awaited celebration of the 60th anniversary could not pass under the table without a large part of his followers among them the vast majority of singers, Hollywood actors, and media announced with great fanfare the long-awaited party. At first, due to the refusal and bad comments from Internet users around the world due to the fact that in the United States in some states have very strict health standards, the media itself including the Washington Post wrote a note where Obama’s representatives had canceled the party “abiding by the health standards” of the State of Massachusetts and supposedly concerned about the recent appearance of the Delta variant. This same note was replicated by several media outlets worldwide such as El Universo, El Independiente, Univision, or El Pais and in very small letters only highlighting that it would only be a small “family” celebration.

The interesting thing about all this is that the English-language digital media had the opportunity to change the wording in the time since the celebration was held in style anyway on Saturday, August 7, before “canceling” a list of more than 500 guests and more than 200 employees was expected. Although there is much secrecy, it is estimated that more than 475 invitations were sent out. The Hill reports that there were performances by rapper Beckham and singers Alicia Keys and John Legend and that dinner options included pork, chicken, and shrimp with rice, vegetables, and potatoes. Also, there were bottles of liquor, cocktails, desserts, and cigars, with some of the guests smoking cannabis, the consumption of which is legal in that state, it had to be done in style as we know the egocentric and selfish character of President Obama.

All the media kept quiet and omitted what happened at Obama’s “non-canceled” celebration. Many focused again on the terrifying propaganda of the variants so as not to give trend to what is possibly a scandal of sanitary proportions, at a time when the discussion is whether or not to wear masks being fully vaccinated, in the purest style of the tyrants “do as I say, not what I do” subjecting the population to lock-ups, compulsory vaccinations, and green passports, where you cannot go to a church or even to a shopping mall without being harassed by health policemen, this kind of spectacles happen in the full glare of public opinion but it is not amplified only by the fact that the protagonists are the owners of the media. When you feel your individual liberties violated just look at this picture and start asking yourself questions:

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